M for Men - Super Stroker Masturbator - Clear


If you love to travel, don't forget to take this masturbator with you before you hit the road! With elasticity, sensually softness, realism and four rows of pleasure pearls in the ribbed channel, they massage your penis for maximum intense stimulation. This tunnel of love is warm to the touch and definitely slippery enough when wet so you'll cum again and again! Use this alone or ask your lover to do it for you and use it in your foreplay sessions. It's time to enjoy a sexy pussy that you can play with whenever you want!
Use a water-based lubricant.

24,90 €

Material- TPE
Waterproof- Yes
Flexible- Yes
Elastic- Yes
Outer diameter- 4.00 cm
Inner length- 11.40 cm
Length- 14.00 cm

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BrandM for Men
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