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Perfect 10 Speeds Vibrating Dildo

Perfect 10 Speeds Vibrating Dildo

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Whisper Quiet Vibrating Realistic Dildo 7.5 Inch for Female Masturbation 

Much larger than your average vibrator or dildo, It is made for anyone who likes their toys big! The extra-thick and extra-long vibe will challenge even size queens, so beginners had best stay away from this bad boy. You’ll need plenty of practice and lube to tackle the 1.8-inch wide shaft, but you’ll be amazed at how full and how good you feel once you squeeze it between your lips! The realistically-shaped shaft features a penis-shaped tip designed to make penetration easy. The tip features a small, U-shaped indentation that you can use for clitoral stimulation. The entire shaft is covered with raised veins from top to bottom for vaginal stimulation.

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