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djustable Male Cock Cuff Chastity Device - Clear

djustable Male Cock Cuff Chastity Device - Clear

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The new, innovative design of the Jacked Up Adjustable Clear Polycarbonate Locking Male Cock Cuff Chastity Device consists of a ratcheting cock cuff and several spacers which can be added for extra length. The guide pins hold the spacers allowing you to create a length that works best for training your boy toy.

The actual cage length is 3 1/4" in length with an inner diameter of 1 1/4". The spacers allow you to create a total length of 4" to 5" in approximately 1/8" increments.

The multi-position cock cuff is a fantastic new style of cock cuff for chastities which is a bit of predicament for your boy toy. The cuff can be adjusted for size behind your slave's cock and balls, then using the locking pin, the ratchet style cuff is locked into place before placing any spacers or the actual cock cage on. It's easier than a solid cock cuff to put on because you don't have to squeeze the balls and scrotum through it. However, it can be tightened much tighter than a normal, non-adjustable cock cuff, meaning you can really put the squeeze on your man! (Maybe that's more of a pre-dick-ament!) The cock cuff can be adjusted from a comfortable 2" in diameter (6" in circumference) down to a tiny 1 1/4" in diameter (4" in circumference)!