Ormelle female condoms - 5 pieces


Now women can takeover the role of contraception and prevention of AIDS and infections diseases! This lubricated female condom is made of a latex pouch that has an integrated, outer round edge and an elastic plastic ring at the other end, which makes sure that the pouch stays in the vagina. It can easily be inserted when a generous amount of lubricant is used. The combination of natural secretion from the vaginal wall and lubricant makes sure that the female condom sticks securely to the inner vaginal wall and therefore becomes a very thin ´second skin´. 
Normal width: (from 54 mm) wide, wall thickness: (from 0.07 mm) thickness. 
Pack of 5 condoms.
Includes illustrated instruction manual.

Special Price 14,31 € Įprasta kaina 15,90 €
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BrandMuu brand
Pakuotės dydis5 pcs
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