Pheromone Parfum Matchmaker For Her 30ml


Introducing Matchmaker Pheromone Parfum For Her 30ml, a unique fragrance created to accentuate your irresistible allure. 

Discover the opening notes of this enchanting fragrance, where the freshness of citrus combines with the brightness of grapefruit. These top notes awaken the senses and leave a vibrant impression. 
Transition to the heart of this exquisite perfume, where the captivating scent of jasmine blooms, balanced by the sweetness of black currant and the tenderness of lily. These notes highlight your femininity and add an air of mystery to the fragrance. 
The base notes of this perfume - vanilla, amber, and musk - will complete your unique fragrance melody. The sweetness of vanilla, the warmth of amber, and the seductive musk will envelop you in a mysterious and sensual energy. 

Thanks to the innovative formula, Matchmaker Pheromone Parfum For Her 30ml contains pheromones that can enhance your natural charm and attractiveness. You will be irresistible and unforgettable to those around you. 
This perfume is perfect for special moments and romantic encounters. Create a mysterious scent trail that leaves unforgettable impressions. 

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About the brand
MATCHMAKER EYE OF LOVE. Get ready to ignite your passion with Eye of Love! This international brand quickly spreads love worldwide from our sunny base in San Diego, California. The pheromone collection is designed to help people attract their desired partner in any situation and give you an additional advantage in the game of love. Eye of Love pheromone perfumes are the perfect choice for those who want to add something special to their lives. The fragrances are specifically formulated to complement and enhance the natural power of pheromones already present in our bodies.

Top notes: Citrus - Grapefruit
Heart notes: Jasmine - Black currant - Lily
Base notes: Vanilla - Amber - Musk

Ethanol, Aqua, Propane-1, 2-diol, Castor oil, Estratetraenol, Ededic acid

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BrandEye of Love
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